Brother's Campaign Notes

Flamerule 15 - Group went to Malegant's shop, and got caught in a blatant lie about their identity. Voltain stole a number of weapons (rapiers, long swords, morning stars, and an axe). Malegant contacts Jarnell, and after speaking with him tells the group to return at 2pm. However, at 11am the group decides to kidnap Malegent's son John, and while doing so Voltain steals a number of more weapons. During their encounter with Malegent, they gain no useful information about the location of Jarnell.

When leaving Malegent's shop at about noon, the group is approached by a beggar. This beggar slips a note into Voltain's hand, telling them that if they wish to gather useful information on Jarnell they should meet at the "Screaming Minax" tavern at 9pm. In order to gain entrance to the back room where the meeting will take place, they are told to speak the word "Loch" as a password.

With a few hours time to kill, the group decides to visit the Thayan compound again. Voltain commisions Bedelia the potion maker to create a new magical item he calls "Sleep Dust." For a charge of 1,000gp Bedelia agrees to the task and tells him it will be nine weeks to complete the item.

At 9pm the group goes to the meeting at the "Screaming Minax." Once they enter the room, they find that their host is in fact Nuchulain from the other night. During the meeting, they gather the following information:

At the end of the meeting, the group has made an alliance with Nuchulain. This alliance gives them the right to do whatever they will in the Trielta hills until Nuchulain moves in to take over. At that time, they are to give up their holdings without question, and help Nuchulain (if they want to) in gaining the Trielta Hills as his new kingdom.