Guardians of Castle Anthrax
"...and there was much rejoicing..."

Guardians of Castle Anthrax is a Dark Age of Camelot guild.  All images herein except member photographs and fan-art are copyright Mythic Entertainment, Inc.  This is just an informational site for the use of players belonging to this association.  Blah blah, blahdy-blah blah.  Oh, and it might have a few links to other pages...


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Guild Rankings  --  Updated:  02/23/2003

Rank   Title   Description
0 Grand Master of Anthrax   Guild Leader
1 Master Spanker   Guild Officer, Aliance Officer & Admittance Officer
2 Coconut Carrier   Quartermaster, Treasurer, Secretary
3 Shrubbery Designer   Guild Crafter
4 Spanker   RvR Representative
5 Trojan Rabbit   Stealthers
6 Beacon Lighter   Healers
7 A Duck   Casters
8 Killer Bunny   Tanks
9 Oppressed Peasant   Initiate/Candidate

Rank Responsibilities  --  Updated:  02/23/2003

Ranks 9 through 5 have no other duties than those posted in the Scroll of Duties; however, starting with Rank 4, Members are now responsible for an Aspect, based on their Ranking…

  •   Rank 4 = Gain Realmpoints!1
  •   Rank 3 = Guild Crafter2 (at least 400 crafting in a main tradeskill)
  •   Rank 2 = Guild Quartermaster3, Treasurer4, or Secretary5... (your choice)
  •   Rank 1 = Guild Officer6, Alliance Officer7, or Admittance Officer8... (your choice)
  •   Rank 0 = Guildmaster:  maintains guild functionality; has final say in arbitrations, etc.

1  The Realm-versus-Realm Representative gets RPs -- they have no other added responsibilities beyond the norm.  Your character must be level 35+ to be eligible for this rank...  This rank is ideal for those who don't wish or cannot be around to handle more responsibilty, such as Ranks 2 or 1.

2  Guild Crafters are required to provide crafted equipment, at cost, to Guild Members (ranks 8 to 0) -- the person requesting the equipment shall provide the materials required, and have said request planned out beforehand (post it to the forum).

3  Quartermasters are in charge of the safe-keeping of Guild-owned items -- ie, items shared by Members as they level.  A Quartermaster gives up all of his/her own Vault space; this is a job best suited to alts & mules.

4  Treasurers are the sacred guardians of the Guild Money Supply; this cash is used to fund RvR, for now...

5  The Secretary is responsible for logging the chat of Guild Meetings and emailing this to the webmaster(s).

6  Officers keep watch over and interact w/ those Ranked 9 to 2, discussing, handling and if need be, passing on their concerns to the Guildmasters.

7  For now at least, Alliance Officers interact w/ other guilds' members & officers; they basically are diplomats -- details to come later.

8  Admittance Officers are like the Human Resources department ;)  They invite new people (Initiates, Rank 9), watch over them during the probationary period & after that's done w/, if the Candidate is judged worthy, the Admittance Officer promotes the Initiate to Member status (Ranks 8, 7, 6, 5).

9  Event Planners are in charge of collecting ideas for Guild Events, planning how best to make an event work, and are responsible for running said functions in as efficient a manner as possible.

** More on guild crafting, RvR, and Event Planning later...

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